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About Me & Contact 

Hi, I’m Meredith 👋🏼

Ever since I can remember, my mom captured every.moment of my families life. 

If I wasn’t teaching on my handmade overhead projector or playing store on the “real” cash register Santa Claus brought me,  my mom said I was either writing or drawing. On walls. On tables. On her electric knife box which she still has.  I’ve always loved and have been drawn to every aspect of art. Whether it was drawing, styling, photography, painting, fashion. I’ve always dreamed of a house that had a photo studio, a Carrie Bradshaw size walk-in closet that I could play dress up in with my clients, a room that overlooked a river and brought in the natural light that I could paint on an easel (Thanks, The Notebook). I've always had big dreams of wanting to do it all, in fact one project that I did in High School has a picture of me on the front page of a magazine 🤦🏻‍♀️

Photography and Styling is something that's in my blood, what I’ve always wanted to do. And more importantly, what I’m meant to do.  Contact me by filling out the information below or find me on Instagram @merming. 


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